05 October 2003

Whoa, what's all this blog activity on a Sunday? Usually on the weekend you can see the virtual tumbleweed blowing across the screen. Still, I'm not complaining. There seems to be a heart-warming outbreak of mutual back-slapping going on in blogdom at the moment, and thanks to all those who've welcomed Gutterbreakz into 'the family'. Love ya. But let's not start sucking each other's dicks just yet. If this is indeed the early '70s prog era of blogdom, then we must ensure that it doesn't degenerate into that pre-punk 'deadzone', or else a new generation of Johnny Rotten bloggers are gonna kick our wrinkly dinosaur arses into the depths of cyberspace.
I like Reynold's diligent analysis of other bloggers' "prog" tendencies, especially as I had just let my guard down and admitted my affection for that whiskery old communist Robert Wyatt in my last post. I claim parentage of the whole concept, Simon. I'm feeling an increasing affinity with TWANBOC....not just the Wyatt angle. All those other little comments too... Not being a big fan of Marshall Jefferson, U.R. or Richie Hawtin's Plastikman material; that little mention of Harmonia (total heroes of mine) etc. Brethren.....

Bloggers I.T.A.