19 August 2004

Way back in September last year I wrote a piece on The Human League in which I quoted a line from David Buckley's Mojo article, concerning the League's groundbreaking "Love & Dancing" remix album. Here's the quote once again:

..a project that would arguably be the most influential product of their career. Producer Martin Rushent had journeyed round America in search of the latest dance sounds, and came back with an idea to pare "Dare!" down to it's basic grooves and release a remix album. Released in 1982, "Love & Dancing", by the Barry White-homaging League Unlimited Orchestra, was the first British pop remix album to reach the Top 5.

Then earlier this week, completely out of the blue, I get a rather disgruntled e-mail from Martin Rushent himself, as follows:

whats this crap about me touring america lookin for the latest dance sounds
and then coming home and revamping dare

thats bollocks

if you want the real story e me and i will tell you what really happened

To find out what really happened, keep watching this space....