05 September 2004

As if to show what a complete bunch of lame twats all my fellow bloggers are
(puts up fists to enormous throng of encircling 30-something males) I've noticed
that since the demise of WOEBOT there have been absolutely no visual paeans to the
glory of sleeve art when they WERE all the rage. A few in it's immediate aftermath,
but thereafter silence. Pathetic! It's almost inspired me to move back to my old address and keep posting JPEGs in lieu of not having much interesting to say most of the time. Almost.

I feel most put-out that Woebotnik doesn't consider my grainy cassette-inlay scans to be 'sleeve art'. They may not tickle Matt's fancy, but they all mean something to me, no matter how crude they look. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My taste in sleeve art is probably a bit different from Matt's anyway. Here's an example from the Gutterbreakz 7inch Collection, that I still find extremely attractive:

Silicon Teens - Judy In Disguise (Mute, 1980)

This is a childlike illustration of the fictitious synth-teenpop group - created by Daniel Miller - rendered by Simone Grant. Left to right are (I think) Jacki (synthesizer), Diane (synthesizer), Paul (electronic percussion) and Darryl (vocals). For a while I actually believed the group really existed! I wonder what Daniel would've done if Silicon Teens had actually had a hit record and been asked to play on Top Of The Pops? Did he have a bunch of kids ready to mime along, just on the off-chance? Whatever, I find Simone's 'Junior School' graphics extremely pleasing to the eye, especially with the watery pastel colours and tacky type-face. You can go on about your Tom Hannan Blue Note sleeves till you're blue in the face. I know what I like.