11 September 2004

Blimey! Just been watching Robert Wyatt receiving an award at the Mercury Music thing, presented to him by his good friend and long-term admirer Mr. Brian Eno. Fucking well deserved, sir. I'm feeling a bit choked-up about the whole thing.

On a less impressive note, earlier there was a group performing called Thai (Tie?), who proved yet again that live Hip Hop is shite. Why do people insist on trying to turn an electronic music form into 'real' music. Dex, fx and a rap. That's all you fucking need. Crackley vinyl loops, beatboxes 'n shit. Okay, maybe a laptop and Cubase if you're a bit clever. Sod the bloody live percussionists, rhythm guitarists and all that. Hip Hop steals that stuff and turns it into something else. Bah!

Franz Ferdinand: they look great, don't they? (always end on a positive note!)