11 September 2004

Loki in tha comments box:
i've always lived in fear of people bringing out the acoustic guitar for a 'jam' at parties

Oh yeah, absolutely. Bunch o'wankers, mate. Yet, by a strange coincidence, earlier today I was clearing out all the crap in my garage, when my eldest son spotted my acoustic guitar lying unloved and covered in dust. He wanted me to play something on it. I'd almost forgotten that I could play guitar (nothing too flashy, but I can get by) and before I put him to bed this evening, we had a little 'jam' session of our own. His favourite tune at the mo' is "The Tide Is High". He first got into it through the Atomic Kitten version, but then I hipped him to Blondie's original and now he likes that better. After struggling for a while to get the damn thing in tune, I worked out the chords and away we went; me on vocals and guitar, him on assorted percussion and atonal blasts of recorder. It was kinda beautiful. Maybe we'll do it again tomorrow, with his mum and kid brother as an audience. But this is just a family thing, okay? If anyone catches me trying anything similar at a party, you have my permission to glass me.