30 September 2004


You simply must read Woebot's latest post, where Matt casts a critical eye over the state of MP3 Blogs. I was much relieved not to get a good tongue-lashing from Mr. Ingram, who can smell bullshit at thirty paces. In fact, I even made it into his 'Top 11". Cheers, mate!

Matt says "I do believe the same cloying chuminess which many people say ruins "The Bloglom" hampers the mp3 blogs". Hmmm...I wonder about this myself. Sometimes I think I link too much to other blogs (like now fr'instance), but the fact is that I'm not only a blogger, but also a fan of blogs in general. Right now they're pretty much my #1 resource for musical/cultural stimulation. I put these links in for my own benefit sometimes, so that I'll be reminded of them in months (years?) to come. I like to think of Gutterbreakz as being just one small componant in a huge matrix of knowledge and enthusiasm. 'Chuminess' has always inflicted this particular axis of the Blogdom. I have this romantic notion in my head that most of the London bloggers like K-Punk and Heronbone hang-out together in bedsits and on park benches, discussing art, philosophy and Marvel Comics. I like the thought that maybe the West Country Blog scene could ultimately spill-out into the 'real' world too. A night-out supping pints and chewing the fat with Kek-W, Loki, Psychbloke and The Spoilt Victorian Children sounds like a fun alternative to sitting in front of this bloody PC every night!