21 December 2004


Well, it's all getting a bit busy in the lead-up to Xmas 'round here, with the kids off school and all that, so this is my final post of the year. Thought I'd leave you all with a couple of tasters of what's to come from Planet Mu's new signings. Must admit I feel a little uncomforable posting tracks that aren't going to be released for some time and, as the contracts haven't even been signed yet, Mike P. suggested I ask the artist's permission before posting, which I got, though they prefer that I don't post the entire track. They didn't say how much I was allowed to reveal, mind, so I've edited them both down to a comfortable four minutes each, which should be enough to give you some idea of what to expect!

First up is Vex'd, an up-and-coming dubstep artist, who's released a couple of things on 12 inch this year. I don't know anything about him/them - their management said they'd send me a biog, but it never materialised. The music's bloody good, though!

MP3: Vex'd - Angels (demo version)

This track will be on the album, which should be coming out in May.

Back to the Amen for a track from 0=0, who is Jason Chatzilias, from Toronto. This is a killer mash-up from his album, which should be coming out in the Summer. Enjoy!

MP3: 0=0 - Xtata V.I.P. (edit)

Okay, that's all I've got time for now. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all. See you in January....although some of my fellow bloggers might find me lurking in their comments boxes at some point!