06 December 2004

I'm a bit bogged-down with other things this week, so don't expect a great deal of excitement here for the next couple of days. I'm also experiencing ongoing difficulties accessing and posting at my Blogger account. It's starting to become a real drag. Anyone else experiencing this?

In the meantime, in case you hadn't already noticed, Moebius Rex has an exlusive Aphex Twin MP3 on offer, from an as yet untitled and unconfirmed EP. Where the hell did he get that from?!

Also, thanks to Robin over in Silicon Valley for sending me the link to DeepHouse Page.Com,
a truly impressive archive of mixes from the past and present of the Chicago House scene. Some cool vintage flyers too! There's a gigantic amount of music on offer here - it's almost mind-boggling! I had a bit of trouble loading the RAM files, but many of the mixes are available as MP3s too, like this wicked set by Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk from 1987. Relive the golden age of House for some serious spiritual nourishment. Cheers, mate!