11 December 2004


After upsetting him by badmouthing Curve over at the Idiot's Guide, I thought I'd check on Heath's blog Just For A Day. Looks like he's on a Ze Records tip at the moment, with latest post focusing on Suicide, with their track 'Hey Lord' available for download. A beautiful piece of music...I was actually considering posting it myself nearer Xmas. Maybe I'll go for Vega's equally affecting 'No More Christmas Blues' from the same album. Or maybe that honour should go to 20 Jazz Funk Greats?


One of those acts of sychronicity occured yesterday. As I was writing my post bemoaning the lack of Dubstep MP3s available, MPC was fretting over the lack of actual records available in the genre. I didn't realise the problem was so acute. It's a shame, cos I'm really feeling that scene at the moment and would hate to see it fall apart. I'm hoping that some of the bigger, more established labels like Rephlex and Planet Mu will consolidate on this years' Grime and Mark One albums by signing up more tracks. I'm sure a team like Digital Mystikz could make a superb long-player if given the opportunity. Maybe even Warp might wake-up to what's happening down in Croydon?!

On the subject of Dubstep and Grime, check-out 3am Brooklyn Radio Waves which is a New York-based blog that seems to have come back to life recently, with a lot of musing on the subject. Interesting to see what our cousins across the pond make of it all...thanks for including me in the links bar, too!


"After nearly 18 months of blogging, someone finally offered to send me some stuff for review. That this person is Mike Paradinas, as opposed to some complete nobody, is simply amazing."

Just read back what I wrote a few days ago and realise how arrogant that sounds. What a prick! I'd love to hear from the nobodies! Seriously, I'm up for giving some space to unsigned talent. I figure everyone knows what I'm into by now, so no indie bands, please. Where's all those bedroom producers cooking-up some decent electronica? If anyone wants to send me a link to their site, or e-mail me a bio and an MP3 or even send me a cd-r, then please do so.


Speaking of Planet Mu, I thought it was time I shared-out a bit of the love. Remember Bizzy B's wicked "Science EP" that came out a few months back? Good stuff, wasn't it? Well, here's another slice of Amen-intensity for you....

MP3: Bizzy B - Deep In My Soul

I've no idea if and when this tune will be released - it's on that compilation Mike P. made for me, which is full of stonking tracks that are, as far as I can see, all unreleased. Any accusations that these are merely 'cast-offs' - tracks that weren't good enough to make the final cut - are proved wrong within seconds of placing the disc in the CD player. There's some BIG tunes on here, and I'll be putting a few more up in due course.

Anyway, if "Deep In My Soul" doesn't convince you to buy the EP, it's either because you've already got it, or are simply stone deaf.