16 December 2004


Thanks to my clever l'il tracker thingy, I spotted this at the Dubplate forum. Glad to see that one of my posts inspired a new thread there. Of course, my 'Grime Scene Investigations' weren't aimed at these hardcore dudes - they were primers for scene-outsiders who are, like myself, intrigued but confused by what's going on in London at the moment. I don't profess to know anything much about the Grime/Dubstep scene, but I knew even less when I wrote that post!

Consumption's comment about me being a "bit too over analytical" is a fair point I guess, and I know I have my problems - not least my annoying habit of latching-on to specific artists (Plasticman, Digital Mystiks etc) instead of taking a wider view of developments. I can't help it - I'm always looking for the New Messiah.

Do I "write essays for fun"? Erm...K-Punk writes essays. I just spew out a mess of half-formed ideas and hope some of it makes sense. I hate writing essays.

Anyway, just to prove that I bare no grudges, I'd like to point you in the direction of Consumption's website, where there's a selection of MP3 mixes on offer, from Dubstep to Detroit to Old Skool Jungle. Been listening to a few this evening and it's all good.

Seeing as how he's on a Drum'n'bass tip at the mo' I'd definately recommend that newish blogger Spen78 checks out the Jungle mix. I like Dom's blog. Not sure why particularly...maybe it's the honest enthusiasm for music combined with football club supporting. A proper lad's blog. It makes me happy. Anyway, drop by and say hello, I think he's lonely and could use a few comments of support to break that desolate wall of isolation that often developes during the early days of blogging. We've all been there, right?

In other blog news, check Mike Seed's AR Kane post over at Spoilt Victorian Child. And here's a direct link to Anitina, the b-side they recorded for the M/A/R/R/S single. This is the original 7-inch version, which in my opinion is superior to the 12-inch/CD mix. My copy got lost (stolen?) years ago, so it's great to hear it again. Thanks to SVC's Simon for ripping it 'specially for me earlier today.

I'm pleased to report that Kek-W (of Kid Shirt fame) has had another story published in 2000 A.D. comic! I picked-up a copy today - first time in maybe ten years. It's Prog 2005, a 100-page special, costing a hefty £3.95. Blimey, I remember when 2000 A.D. cost about 10p! Mind you, back then it was printed on paper that had the texture of cheap toilet-roll. But this is a well presented, full-colour glossy affair now, no doubt designed to appeal to today's more 'mature' readership. Some cool stories, some amazing artwork - I had fun!

Unsigned Electronica: visit Grasshopper for a selection of MP3s, with a vaguely Venetian Snares scatter-beat vibe.