14 December 2004


MR.76 - HITS OF 76

Kek-W said:

"The MR. 76ix LP on Skam is pretty spiffy: it's got an extremely wide tonal/rhythmic palette veering from Old School Amen Pressure and Splatterbreaks to Deeply lush Pseudo-Juno string-pads and Neo-Electro DMX Plug-in Abuse. There's also some serious B-Boy cow-bell action and a picture of a gorilla's nose on the record label, too. Me like."

MP3:Mr. 76ix - Cancer (coffee cup)

Gutterbreakz said:

"This year I've sort of got used to having my mind blown on a weekly basis. The sheer quality and quantity coming out of the electronic leftfield at the moment is staggering. More stuff than I actually have the time to write about, unfortunately. But this album by Mr.76ix needs to be honoured, worshipped and generally bigged-up forthwith. I have absolutely no idea who this guy is, but clearly he's gonna be big news before long. Imagine a creative entity that is a composite of prime early-'90s Aphex Twin, Autechre at their most seductive, Squarepusher mash-up (with occasional Amen break death-rattle destruction) and latter-day LFO synthetic purism. Yeah, he's that good. I lack the fucking intellect to do a decent review of this one. Just get hold of it immediately."

Metalux- Waiting For Armadillo

Poplife said:

"A female lofi noise duo previously involved with Brides Of No No. I know very, very little about thse guys, but this album is excellent. Any poplife readers know anything about them?

The album, then- vocals cut to eerie shards by distortion, electronic loops turned on and off like they're operating heavy machinery, mantras rather than of melodies. A home made box of confrontational sex-politics electro punk. Like Sister-era Sonic Youth had dispensed with Steve Shelley and sat down with some cheap Rolands and distortion boxes."

MP3:Metalux - Amethyst Dogs

Gutterbreakz said:

"At last, a current American electro act that don't sound like a cartoon pisstake of The Normal. An uneasy alliance of indie lo-fi and the electronic avant garde. Better than Add N To (X). I'm hearing strong echoes of late-70's Sheffield - those clammy analogue synth tones remind me of early League/Cabs home recordings. The singer is amazing - sounds similar to Nancy Blossom, vocalist in late '60s psych/synth group Fifty Foot Hose, but with a nastier streak. Most excellent!"