06 November 2005


You might recall back in April I featured a jungle mix from Peverlist aka Tom Ford, proprietor of Rooted Records, Bristol's finest underground record shop. Top geezer. Anyway he occasionally plays out, even though he claims to 'hate djing'(!), and sent me a recording of his 4am set at Congo Natty last month. There's an MC giving it large for most of it, although Tom can't remember his name. Strictly old skool junglist bizniz, seen?

Peverlist at Congo Natty October 2005

DJ Die - 'Live 'n Direct' (Full Cycle)
Roni Size - 'Fashion' (Full Cycle)
Krust - 'Set Speed' (Full Cycle)
Andy C - 'Roll On' (Ram)
The X - 'New Dawn' (Jump Up)
Da Intalex - 'I like it' Remix (Intalex Productions)
Ninja Man - 'Jungle Move' Remarc Remix (Street Tuff)
Major Popular - 'Good Body Girls' Jungle Mix (Jetstar)
Capleton 'Cold Blooded Murder' (Street Tuff Records)
The Godfather - 'Somebody' Shut Up & Dance Remix (Red Light)