12 July 2006


Okay, first the good news - I recorded a mix I'm quite pleased with, and you can grab it over at Riddim.Ca. (thanks for giving me a bit of space on your well-respected site, Paul). The bad news can be found somewhere in the accompanying text. Yes, that's right, I've decided to stop writing/enthusing/mixing/promoting dubstep. Its not a decision I take lightly. Its been going round in my head for awhile. There's several factors involved, but the main problem being that I just can't think of anything more I want to say on the subject. I guess I'm bored with trying to find new ways of saying the same thing. If there's no strong urge, then I really can't see the point of continuing for the sake of it.

Now to answer a couple of points raised. Firstly, just because I've stopped writing about dubstep, doesn't mean I've suddenly stopped liking/listening to dubstep. I'll still be buying records, still going along to a few clubs etc (see below), but just for my own pleasure. Secondly, some people confuse 'retiring from dubstep' with 'retiring the blog', as though the two are inseparable. This is part of the problem I guess. When I started this blog, I'd never even heard of dubstep, yet somehow the two are fused in some people's minds. I suppose I let my enthusiasm get out of control. Having said that, I am gonna take a long break from blogging over the holiday period, (same as I did last year) and spend some quality time with my family. I may return in September. Then again I might not. If I feel as empty and unmotivated as I do now, then I probably won't, but things can change.

I've got a couple more things to post this month, then the hiatus begins. Thanks to everyone who read, listened and communicated, and special thanks to all those artists featured in my mix (and a few others who I couldn't squeeze in). I hope you all find success doing what you love to do, and hopefully I'll be buying records with your names on in the future.


hench front

hench back

Next week sees the first H.E.N.C.H. night, where the collective consciousness of Bristol's dubstep scene will coalesce every month, to do battle on the decks in an attempt to blow our (and each other's) minds. This could be the true beginning of the Bristol 'FWD>>' community I dreamed of. Let it be so...