05 July 2006


Not content with getting his first solo track included on Werk's "Grim FM" compilation, Monkey Steak's Hanuman (right) recently sent me his "Salty Dog" mix - a strange blend of dancehall, rap, world, ragga-jungle and breakcore sounds, with a little nod towards grime. I don't think I've heard a mix quite as heclectic as this before. "I have to admit its more the kind of stuff I listen to at home", explains Hanuman. "If I'm honest, then there is not enough world stuff in it. The two Jewish Klezmer tunes are banging, though. Good music too stagger round a dancefloor to after too much vodka." Crikey, so is this your first mix? "Its one of the first mixes I've done which I am really pleased with, but I have some other stuff which has well ropey mixing on."

You can download Hanuman's mix from my page at SmokeRing. Don't forget there's also an ace reggae mix from fellow-Grim FM'er Bass Clef (who's also started a blog) and the most recent Gutterbreakz FM mixes are there too. Thanks once again to Adam for giving me a bit of server space.