28 December 2006


1: Droid + Slug - Shwantology: 2
2: Gutterbreakz
3: Matt B. - Idle Thoughts
4: Paul Meme & John Eden - Dancehall Pressure
5: Bassnation
6: Soundslike1981 - Collide+Coalesce
7: The Rambler - Voices From Afar
8: Paul Autonomic - Mr. Bump's 'Rude Interlude'
9: 'Hal' Halvorsen - Absolute Norwegian
10: Heatwave - An England Story
11: Wayne&Wax - Another Crunk Genealogy
12: John Eden's Office Party Mix

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Well, it's been an amazing ride so far, with plenty more to come. I think bloggers have that perfect combination of a major superiority complex (we all secretly think we've got the best fucking music taste/record collection in the world) combined with the pathological urge to share our knowledge with the world at large. We've probably all been doing something like this for our entire adult lives - but where once it was just making cassette comps. and lecturing our friends down the pub, we now have an international stage on which to vent our unqualified opinions on the ignorant masses. I think Blogarriddims is like the ultimate get-together of all these weird, musically obsessed people. It's a bit monstrous in it's all-consuming, relentless intensity, but really quite exquisite, too. Big-up Droid for envisioning, creating and managing the whole project. Dealing with all those high-profile bloggers and their super-egos must be a thankless task. I'm still hoping that some of my fellow west country cohorts like Kek and Loki might come on board, but whatever - here's to the next twelve installments!!