30 March 2007


Thanks to The Blissblogger for sending all his loyal readership over to check my 'UK Pressure Mix'. My bandwidth is getting annihilated as I type. Check the 'Woebot/Funky House' controversy while you're there. Matt's championing of the funky 'scene' (which is in itself open to interpretation) coupled with his pouring scorn on the dubstep and minimal/micro scenes and postulating that innovation within the 'nuum is essentially dead, was bound to trigger heated debate among the Dissensus cognoscenti, which was no doubt his intention. But I'm a 'live and let live' kinda guy these days (definitely going soft in my old age - as long as people keep making music I like, then I'm happy) so I'm not gonna get embroiled in all that, but it does make for fascinating reading.

Thanks also to Droid for the linkage and additional commentary. When I wrote about the difficulties of mixing at slower tempos, I hadn't even considered that the tracks themselves, powered by steam-driven sequencers and sloppily edited loops, might actually have minor tempo variations hidden within them like booby traps waiting for the unwary dj! How much truth there is in that I'm not sure, but I'm prepared to put my faith in Droid's appraisal, cos it makes me feel better about things!

PS. Over 18 months after I gave this blog a makeover, I finally got around to giving it a logo (see top of page). Now at last passing surfers will know what this blog's called!