11 February 2008

Patchwerk Man's Solidarity Mix #1
(35 mins, 128 kbps)

Patchwerk Man - Aquanaut (cd-r)
Shackleton feat. Tenfold Vengeance - Death Is Not Final (Skull Disco 12" t/p)
Headcreamer - D-Grade (cd-r demo mix)
Function Isolation - Rehyjavik (Sandwell District 12")
Busy Face - Snow Day (cd-r)
Appleblim & Peverelist - Over Here (Skull Disco 12" t/p)
Pinch - 136 Trek (Punch Drunk advance cd-r)
2562 - Circulate (Tectonic 12")
Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling (Bass Clef's 'Radius' Mix, cd-r)
Borg - Kisses Of Fire (Immerse 12")
Peverelist - Untitled (cd-r)

Please excuse the slack mixing - he hasn't done a mix for years. It would've been longer, but the old bugger over-excerted himself and had to have a lie down.


  1. Machu6:50 PM

    Nice little mix here... diggin' the vibe!

  2. haha. damn you patchwerk! i was working on 70% identical mix ;)

  3. well keep working on it, paul! we need some more of that skillfully crafted shit of yours, rather than some half-arsed pile-up cobbled together in half an hour..

  4. ...and here's paul's mix...

    Autonomic Computing

    wot a pro!

  5. i love the self-inflicted, dodgy mixing put downs but really it's all about the tunes on this one! real nice