16 September 2004

Phew, I'm back, having just got my PC back from the workshop for some minor but well-overdue repairs. Off-line for over 72 hours! The cold turkey was harsh.

Anyway, normal service will be resumed shortly, although I will probably spend the rest of the evening just catching up on all the cool stuff that's been happening in bloggyland in my absence.

Oh and by the way, my last post was so full of self-righteous proclamations that I forgot to say a big 'thankyou' to Simon at Spoilt Victorian Child for some invaluable advice and encouragement that gave me the impetus to get into the MP3 game. As one of the more vocal supporters of Download Culture, it was beginning to worry me that I wasn't taking this blog to that level (but that doesn't mean that I consider MP3 Blogs to be superior to non-MP3 blogs - far from it - it's just something that I need to do in the quest for personal advancement).

Thanks for all the kind words, people. It means a lot....