16 September 2004

Just spotted perhaps the most honest and truthful account of the blogging life over at Loki's(with some excellent comments responses). I like that paranoid vibe; it sharpens you up real horrorshow. My emotional safety net is the fact that those blogs that first inspired me to hook into the program (Blissblog, K-Punk, TWANBOC/Woebot) have all linked me and occasionally throw me a scrap of praise. I don't use counters or any form of link tracking - I think that would drive me insane. Instead, once a month or so I google the phrase 'Gutterbreakz' and see what comes up...anything I might've missed through my normal surfing habits usually shows up there.

Loki has isolated my own personal greatest fear: "What if you post something that's already been posted? " (shudder...)