13 September 2004

Well, I'll be buggered. It would appear that Gutterbreakz is indeed now an MP3 Blog. Sometimes I amaze myself!

But what to do with this new-found power?

Firstly, I should make it clear that this won't change the dynamic of the blog much - it's still going to be primarily a place where I write about music (and whatever else takes my fancy)but now with the added option of adding aural illustrations where appropriate.

Secondly, don't expect any 'exclusive' pre-release MP3s. I don't receive any freebies or promos from record companies; I get to hear stuff the same time as everyone else. This is as it should be - I'm not a pro music critic or involved in the music biz in any way, I'm just a fan who writes about the stuff that interests him. If I started getting freebies I'd probably feel obliged to write nice things about them. This way, I only focus on the music that's really important to me. Most MP3s that I submit will probably be old stuff from my collection that I think needs to be heard again. I may also occasionally add some of my own tunes, Paul Meme-stylee, although even these will probably be old stuff, as this is one area of creativity that seems to have deserted me this year.

Oh and by the way, the track I chose for the 'test run' was indeed 'Popcone' by Sweet Exorcist (Richard H. Kirk & DJ Parrot). Although best known for their early pioneering 'bleep 'n' bass' tracks for Warp Records, this one comes from a 12 inch released on Cabaret Voltaire's short-lived Plastex label in 1991. A track so strange at the time that I wasn't even sure what speed it was supposed to play at! Still sounds pretty odd by today's standards....