04 November 2004


Now for a little post-election mood music...

MP3: The Art Of Noise - A Time For Fear (Who's Afraid)

From their first album "Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise" (ZTT, 1984) , featuring news footage samples relating to the invasion of Grenada in late 1983, during the Reagan years. A bloody coup in Grenada, along with a perceived threat to American students on the island provided the U.S. with an excellent excuse to eliminate a Marxist regime allied to Fidel Castro's Cuba.

MP3: Cabaret Voltaire - Don't Argue

Opening track on the Cab's 1987 album "Code", co-produced by Adrian Sherwood. Uses samples from a 1945 US army training film, "Your Job In The Army", which was designed to teach GI's how to behave in occupied territory.

Nothing ever really changes, does it?