02 November 2004


So who's heard LFO's remix of !!!'s "Me & Giuliani Down By The School Yard"?

Who else but Mark Bell would have the balls to mess with perfection? The original track came out last year and, to date, is probably the defining masterpiece of the whole NYC Disco-Punk scene. A sort of modern-day 'fight for your right to party', "..Giuliani..." is a sprawling epic featuring some of the finest rhythm guitar work I've heard for ages. Now Warp have released a limited one-sided 12inch of LFO's remix which is available to buy and listen to at Warpmart or you can download the MP3 for a mere 99p over at Bleep. Do one or the other, 'cos it's fucking ace. Bell has elected to strip the track right down and gradually introduce his own brand of brash, snot-nosed techno-thuggery. When that wave of skittering handclaps come in it's like a natural E-rush...pure energy like a goddamn rhythmical forcefield. Mr. Bell, you're a bloody hero.

Another LFO-related track I came across recently whilst browsing on Soulseek is a bootleg mix combining the awesome "Freak" with Dizzee Rascal's "Fix Up, Look Sharp", which is rather enjoyable. I'm not sure if Dizzie's rhyming flow sits particularly comfortably on top of Bell's hyperactive electro beats, but there's still a fair bit of entertainment value to be had. Turns out it was posted-up at Boom Selection over a year ago, which just shows how behind the times I am! I couldn't get the link to work, so maybe it's been taken down now. Here it is again, in case you missed it first time too...

MP3: LFO Vs. Dizzee Rascal - Freak Up, Look Sharp

In other news, I'm extremely pleased to announce that Detroit's sensational techno-prodigy Jimmy Edgar is finally set to release his new EP "Bounce, Make, Model" on Warp this Monday (8th November). Fucking hell Jimmy, you little prick-tease - what's the big idea making me wait all this time for a fresh fix of the Edgar magic? Christ, this kid is taking his time...which I s'pose is good 'cos it means we get top-drawer material every time, but the hunger pains have been harsh. I feel the same way about Jimmy as I did about Aphex in 1992. His music just feels so fresh, original and sensually beautiful - he's got a special talent, no mistake. And so young too...

Pre-order the chunky double-vinyl or CD and listen to clips at Warpmart and scag a free MP3 download of opening track "I Wanna Be Your STD" from Better Propaganda.

You might remember I got all excited about Jimmy's 2002 album "My Mine's I" (released under the double-pseudonym Kristuit Salu Vs.Morris Nightingale - to date, his only long-player) back in June. My desperation to hear it led me to swipe a copy off Soulseek. Shameful behaviour. Since then, the label that released it, Merck, has added it's catalogue at Bleep, so the album is now easily available to download legally. Here's a typically delicious slice of Tech-Hop perfection from the album, which I hope will encourage a couple of people to buy it and assuage my guilty conscience.

MP3: Morris Nightingale - Rastic Chev

Finally, I get the impression that a few people were turned-on by that Shitmat MP3 I posted-up recently, so thought I'd better make sure that everyone was aware that his new album "Full English Breakfast" is out now on Planet Mu. More unashamed Amental insanity full of mind-blowing breakbeat science coupled with outrageously insolent samples from things like the 'Grange Hill Theme' and even a bit of the theme to that other '70s kid's show "Why Don't You?" (where the fuck did he source that one from?!). The man simply don't give a shit.

The album was preceded by three vinyl-only EPs, and all the none-album tracks are never to be released on CD. However, they've been compiled as "Full English Breakfast Vinyl Tracks" as an MP3-only release over at Bleep. Here's the opener, which will send you hurtling back to Happy Hardcore heaven in seconds. Feel the love, baby...

MP3: Shitmat - Big Ben's Big Breakdown