29 August 2003


First up, I just got the new LFO single 'Freak' and it's blowing my tiny mind, just like 'Frequencies' did all those years ago. I bow down and worship at the feet of Mr Bell for this sublime slice of retro-futurist electro dynamism. The shackles of 4-4-hi-hat-on-the-off-beat- disco -rhythm programming conservatism have been shacken off at last. Mr Bell demonstrates how to be both more complex and more simple than the competition and it's fresh as fuck. The album 'Sheath' will surely be the greatest comeback of '03. Fuck Kraftwerk (Love 'em dearly of course).

Currently I'm working on a vocal remix of Taylor Dayne's 'Tell It To My Heart'. Why? For the sheer hell of it. Accapella mix on 12inch b-side virtually said "steal me baby", so I did. For those who might care, I'm working almost exclusively with '80's pre-house/techno club mixes at the moment. My EMU sampler is full of gated fairlight snare drums, DX-7 synth tones, latin percussion loops and so forth.

It's a campaign, it has nothing to do with art.