30 May 2007

I haven't heard the record in question, but there's some very perceptive comments on the nature of minimal techno here.

Interesting account of Shackleton's exploits across the pond over at Deep Time. Paul's setlist almost reads like a quiet night in at Gutter HQ. I don't know how, or when, but me and Autonomic are destined to go back-2-back one day.


25 May 2007


For all addicts of dubby ambient minimal techno, you gotta grab a copy of the new Deep Chord release. It ain't cheap, but 'Vantage Isle' is some of the deepest shit you're likely to hear this year. The various versions are spread over two 12-inch and one clear-vinyl 7-inch, sheathed in a plastic sleeve. As usual, produced in Detroit by Rod Modell, but with additional remix/collaboration from Convextion and Soultek, this is the sound of the Motor City dubmerged in Berlin. The ongoing data-exchange between these two cities can still throw out some incredibly subtle, emotional music. Modell has been a shadowy figure for a number of years releasing limited-run vinyl transmissions, but this release, the first from new imprint Echospace, suggests he's ready to start claiming some much-deserved respect and attention in the current Basic Channel-inspired climate of atmospheric chord-based, echo-drenched techno mindscapes. Grab it at Boomkat (if you can afford it!)

On a similar tip, look out for Marko Furstenburg's 'Surphased EP' (A.R.T less), Quantec's 'Subsurface Structure EP' (on Denmark's Echocord label) and of course 'Reverberation/Reverberate', the second release from Substance & Vainqueur's Scion Versions imprint.

Kwikchord Mix
(15 mins, 128kbps, see 'lyrics' for tracklist)
I noticed I was getting a few referrals from this forum thread. 1991 business at FWD>>? Oris Jay dropping 'LFO' in his set? Makes sense for a Northern lad to be proud of his heritage. Brapple. But I imagine a '91 set at FWD>> will be more about early breakbeat rave and proto-jungle. I'll be interested to hear how it went..
Nice overview of Rob Smith's career over at Roots & Wires blog. Don't forget that Rob's debut dubstep-flavoured release is now in the shops. Check Kek's review, which is absolutely spot-on - there's nothing more to add. Another quality release from Bristol's Punch Drunk imprint! The next one's gonna be from Gatekeeper, I think...

23 May 2007

Further investigation of the Bristol-Berlin connection in Blackdown's latest Pitchfork column. Essential reading, as always. Also, for a nice, objective, unbiased view of the Skull Disco CD, check 11V's review. (and no, I'm not gonna put you right on anything, Colin - your opinion's as good as anyone else's).

18 May 2007


I could make all sorts of excuses for the lack of substantial posts here recently, but if I'm being really honest, the main problem is another crippling bout of writer's block. Seriously, my mind is a beautiful blank. I have fuck all to say about fucking anything, and frankly my dear I don't give a shit. But that doesn't mean I'm not still loving the music and enjoying the underground club scene here in Bristol. So I figured I'd brighten the place up with a few photos I took recently on my new 'Cyber-shot' mobile phone during my recent adventures at Highroad and H.E.N.C.H. Thanks to Chris and Tony for giving me a couple of rare opportunities to play out again, and big-up all the crew who came down, cos it's always a pleasure to see you guys. Special mention for my Highroad djing 'partner' Delsa (our grimey head-to-head was gloriously ramshackle) and also for my old buddies Mike and Aaron, not forgetting the redoubtable Doppelganger, for dragging their crusty carcases off the sofa for a good night out.

Highroad's genial host, Mr. Chris, warming-up the room nicely

Shiny happy bassheadz

Headhunter gets ill

Hair-raising: Gatekeeper fondles the faders

I was thinking of sending this one to Mixmag, lol

Peverelist, Jakes and Appleblim

Pinch handing over to Joker

The Highroad ravers

Jakes preaching to the H.E.N.C.H congregation

Komanazmuk gets mucky

Ol' Dirty Gutter gets frisky with the Superhenchwench

Bring On the MCs: Big Bear spits verbals

Blazey strikes a pose

Despite being a strapping six-footer, here I am being dwarfed by Atki2

Ladies and gentlemen...and Delsa

Oh, and for the benefit of Headhunter and any other interested parties, my setlist at H.E.N.C.H (which went very well, thanks for asking) was as follows:

Monolake - Plumbicon [Live In Osaka] (Monolake/Imbalance), Surgeon - Bad Hands Break (Dynamic Tension), Monolake - Alaska [Surgeon Remix] (Monolake/Imbalance), Gaiser - Separation (M_nus), Deadbeat - Random Brown (Cynosure), T++ - Space Break (Erosion), Mathias Schaffhauser - Go To Hell (Lebensfreude), Cornell - Polimer (Minimise), Deadbeat - One.Two.Six (~scape), Sweet Excorcist - Clonk [Freebass] (Warp), Sleeparchive - Papercup (Sleeparchive), Shackleton - Blood On My Hands [Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix prt.1] (Skull Disco), Marcel Dettmann - Quicksand (Ostgut Tontrager), Mala - Left Leg Out (DMZ), Peverelist - The Grind (Punch Drunk), Rusko - Acton Dread (Dub Police), LFO - LFO [Leeds Warehouse Mix] (Warp)

I was originally intending to play 50/50 techno and dubstep, but I sort of got a bit carried away. No one seemed to mind, anyway. Biggest response was for the final tune - seventeen years on, 'LFO' still shakes the room.

15 May 2007


11 hours (Weds 16/5, 10 pm to Thur 17/5, 9 am)
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The Orgy commences tomorrow. Turn on, tune in, shit blood, etc...

14 May 2007


My review of Urban Tribe's new album is now up at FACT's online reviews section. But make sure you check Kiran's review of Skull Disco's first CD compilation too.

13 May 2007


Had a fantastic time at Highroad last night - the stuff of legend. See Peverelist in action (left) dropping fresh bombs, especially "Infinity Is Now" which is an instant classic, trust me. I'll upload some more pictures soon. In the meantime, I must remind my little fanbase (all three of them!) that I'll be playing a full hour at H.E.N.C.H this Thursday (17th) along with D1, Blazey and the residents. All happening at The Tube Bar, Bristol, 10pm-4am. Door tax is just three quid. I think I'll be playing the 11pm-midnight slot. See you there...

08 May 2007

The above advertisment once appeared on the back cover of many UK comic books. For the record, this scan was taken from Hulk Weekly issue no. 58, dated April 10th 1980. Examining it now, I still feel a brief flicker of interest; a vague trace element of the profound excitement that overtook me, as a child, whenever I saw it. I actually sent off for the figure, and, after an almost unbearable period that felt like 28 weeks, rather than days, Boba arrived on the doormat. It was a Thursday morning, just before school. I remember it like it was yesterday. The box was plain white and rather small, but I knew immediately that it contained Boba. I think I may have let out a screech of delight as I bounded down the hallway to snatch him up triumphantly. Of course, the actual Boba Fett figure was far less impressive than the advertisement suggested. And yet, even though all my other Star Wars figures have long gone, Boba remains with me...

I suppose that the almost unbearable period of anticipation imbued this Boba Fett figure with an extra level of personal historicity, and I suspect it will remain with me forever. And yet I feel very little when holding or observing the object itself. It is merely a relic, a dead thing. Strangely, it's the original advertisement that seems to hold a little jolt of haunted electricity. The connection with the child lies somewhere within it...

In a reversal of the norm, I recently discovered these original Matchbox, er, boxes, flattened at the bottom of an old, erm, box of junk in my garage. Now, if I could just locate the contents of these boxes, in tip-top condition, I could have an e-bay frenzy on my hands....

03 May 2007


EL KANO - BUMP! (bootyquake)

Respect to the guv'nor, each and every...