30 August 2008


Vulcan Holiday Special (IPC, 1976)
Cover art: Don Lawrence

TV Comic Holiday Special (Polystyle Publications, 1978)
Cover art: Unknown

Starlord Summer Special (IPC, 1978)
Cover art: Unknown

Captain America Summer Special (Marvel UK, 1979)
Cover art: John Byrne

Captain Britain Summer Special (Marvel UK, 1980)
Cover art: John Buscema

2000A.D. Sci-Fi Special (IPC, 1980)
Cover Art: Mike McMahon
Warrior Summer Special (aka issue #4!) (Quality Communications, 1982)
Cover art: Steve Dillon

Dracula Comics Special (Quality Communications, c.1983)
Cover art: Mick Austin

14 August 2008

Doppelganger back from Spain, his reaction to the atrocious weather conditions back in Blighty mirroring my own when I returned from Fuengirola last weekend.

Be sure to check Chris' Highrise Clothing emporium - I was lucky enough to blag free Doppel-tees (see above) but if you wanna look as cool as me this summer you best get your credit card out...

11 August 2008


Well I said from Day One that Kek simply had to do a Blogariddim mix and looks like someone finally convinced him in the nick of time, just as the series is nearing it's closing stages. As expected, the "Ontological Hysteria Mix" represents a radical swerve into parallel dimensions and alternate histories, some of which are reassuringly familiar to me, while many more lie outside the boundaries of my limited musical experience, exactly as it should be. Top marks for slipping a Leo Sayer tune into a Blogariddim - if you read Kek regularly then this will come as no surprise, but still an audacious move in a series that prides itself on being sooo fucking hip and underground (John's 'Office Party' being a notable exception, of course!). I bet you won't find a more entertaining hour's worth of musical mayhem on the 'net this week, possibly even this month, so read the blog and grab the 'cast forthwith...