19 September 2003

More London-bashing:"We're asked to only consider the time-span 1990 till the present. I'm firmly of the opinion that the 50s/60s/70s/80s are still firmly on the horizon."

Excellent point sir, and well made. You look back prior to 1990 and London looks increasingly like a bloated sack of shit, doesn't it?
I don't know much UK music of note in the '50's, but in the '60's it was all coming from Up North, surely? The only London-based activity of interest came from Joe Meek (who was from Gloucestershire originally) and the UFO club Psych scene, spearheaded by the Floyd (from Cambridge) and Soft Machine (from Canterbury). Being under the age of 50, I've never been able to take the Stones seriously. The Who and The Kinks yes I'll concede.
The '70s? erm...well there was the initial rush of punk, but all the real innovation was going on Up North. Or in Dusseldorf. Or Kingston. Oh, okay there was Danny Miller kickstarting Mute Records granted. And Rough Trade had their hearts in the right place, I'm sure.
The '80s? Well. I personally was listening to the Cabs, New Order and The Fall. No Londoners there. Although I will concede to liking B.A.D. for a while.
And playing at the Camden Falcon was one of the biggest let-downs of my life. What a dump.