11 September 2003

NME:everyone's least loved music mag? [that's if your over 20]:
Damn straight. I don't remember NME putting Mantronix, A R Kane, Front 242 and The Young Gods on the cover. Do you? Back in the day, the Maker was the inkey of choice for all discerning groovers. Official!
there was one good issue. So good in fact that I kept it for posterity. Dated 18th January 1992. Cover blurb: DON'T FEAR THE BLEEPER - All you need to know about Techno.
Cover image: Jez Varley and Mark Bell of LFO trashing guitars with evil grins on their smug li'l faces.
Also, inside, I think the first mention of Aphex Twin I ever saw, claiming that "his totally out of control 'Didgeridoo' (sic)...will single-handedly change the face of Techno as we know it". Shermen had his moments....