05 October 2003

The Demolished Man sez: "trying to come to terms with the fact that I'm beginning to believe that Hall & Oates were the musical peak of the 20th century....more later"

I've already pledged my allegiance to DM's Hall & Oates revival in a previous post, but felt the overpowering urge to reiterate. Like renewing my wedding vows. There was a time long ago, before I'd even heard of Cabaret Voltaire, before I even knew there was 'underground' music, when Daryl and John were my gods. Queen and ELO were big faves too, but I would never listen to them now, on general principle. I spent years denying my love for H&O, yet somehow never had the strength to actually get rid of all the albums. And thank god I didn't. Okay, I admit it still feels like a guilty pleasure when I put 'Abandoned Luncheonette' on the turntable, but it still moves me and I am now able to freely admit to anyone my deep and eternal devotion to their work. And if I could just pipe up with a special mention for their 1974 LP "War Babies". Produced by Todd Rundgren at the height of his 'Wizard/True Star' LSD trip and with Daryl writing some of the weirdest songs of his career, it's the great lost psych-glam-pop masterpiece that never gets mentioned anywhere. Truly, buried treasure. Ripe for rediscovery.