04 August 2004


Just noticed that Blissblog has taken up the Belgium thread. Tasty.
Although there is little I can add to Matt and Simon's wise words, here's a few choice tunes from the era that rate as 'timeless classics' in my book:

Kicksquad - Soundclash (Champion Sound)
Mundo Musique - Acid Pandemonium
LA Style - James Brown Is Dead
Outlander - Vamp
Rythmatic - Frequency
Meng Syndicate - Sonar System
Mental Overdrive - Theme Of St. Baafs
Zero Zero - Sanity Clause
The Scientist - The Exorcist/The Bee
Hyp-No-Tyz 2 - Torsion
Wishdokta - Wasted
Xon - Dissonance
Techno Grooves Mach 4 - Techno Slam
Set Up System - Music & Noise
and of course Nightmares On Wax - Aftermath

And it turns out that Simon was the author of that mystery MM article on Noise. That bit about "There needs to be a renewed awareness of the capacity of the synthesiser and sampling to produce filthy, noxious tones" really was an inspiring point, as it was totally in line with my thinking at that time. Nice work, fella.