28 August 2004

Okay, firstly apologies to all injured parties for my somewhat belligerent tone last night. I was just in one of those stupid moods, y'know. And although I'm still really disappointed with iTunes Music for not being good enough, I did relent and purchase the latest Tortoise album, more on which soon, possibly. The download time was super-bloody-fast, I'll give 'em that.

But my beloved Bleep remains the finest download facility in the known universe. The Domino catalogue has now been added, so now you can get your Franz Ferdinand and Preston School Of Industry there, if you're so inclined. Junior Boys entire Electrokin output is now also available, so you really don't have any excuse not to check them out. Some of the earlier Big Dada albums are now available too, including Roots Manuva's splendid "Run Come Save Me". It's just gonna get bigger and better - though why the hell Rephlex haven't pitched in yet is beyond me. I hope RDJ and co. aren't holding on to some archaic notions of 'real' music packaging. I mean, sure - put out that limited 180g double vinyl edition if it makes you feel better, but what's the harm in making MP3's available for those of us who couldn't give a toss anymore?

True, individual track prices are still not cheap (99p a shot) but you do make big saving if you buy in bulk - typically £6.99 for an album or £2.49 for an EP. It works for me, anyway....