17 September 2004


Since my brief review of their 'Burnerism' mini-album back in June, I've not seen any other support for the mighty Team Shadetek out there in blogworld, other than a rather muted response over at Telephone Thing in July (no doubt you'll let me know if I missed something). 'Burnerism' just seems to get better and better everytime I listen to it. The Autechre comparisons are legitimate, but whilst Messrs. Booth & Brown come across like techno-druids meditating on their silicon-encrusted mountain top, Shadetek are pure street. Hard, urban boombox music fragmented through the lens of Powerbook glitch-fuckery. Wired, (in)tense, edgy shit that grooves like nothing else I'm hearing right now. Like Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica", this music moves in time to it's own peculiar inner-riddim, requiring several listens before you're fully attuned to Shadetek's beat.

You can listen to previews of all the tracks on Burnerism here.

Those lovely people at at The Milk Factory have a cool review/bio here and even cooler interview here.

For my part, here's an MP3 of Innovate, the B-side of their first self-financed single, which is out of print. This is much earthier and lo-fi than the Burnerism material; quite similar to Jimmy Edgar's approach - it's like oldskool '80s Hip Hop, back when it was raw, strange and bludgeoningly repetitious. I love the way they pluck a horn blast from it's comfy little home in the past, attach live wires to it's festering testicles and make it jerk Frankenstein-like in a new 'dance macabre'. That's what Hip Hop's all about, as far as I'm concerned.