28 November 2004


A couple of weeks ago I hit on what I thought was a brilliant idea to take the strain out of MP3 blogging. To wit: find an interesting post at a non-MP3 music blog, link to it with a suitable MP3 to illustrate it's content and bob's yer uncle, job done!

So today I would respectfully ask you to read this and then listen to:

MP3: Rufige Kru - V.I.P. Riders Ghost

Respect to the man similar to Derek Poplife for bringing Platinum Breakz back on the agenda. As long-term readers might remember, this was in my Top 100 British albums rundown - a seminal artifact of the '90s drum 'n' bass era, before it all went a bit shit.

While I'm at it, I might as well rinse some extra mileage out of Derek, 'the scribe with the vibe' , after he posted this comment here recently; "For me Wiley is as bouncy and luscious as G Funk, those synth sounds are like little flecks of colour- this aspect of eskibeat could almost be the theme tune to Pengu (sic) (or some other chidren's TV programme)."

After that, how could I resist posting this little nugget of Grimey tomfoolery?

MP3: Wiley - Penguin

As any dad-blogger worth his salt will know, Pingu is seriously essential viewing for all ages. If you disagree, you're a miserable old tart who urgently needs to connect with the child within.

Who will be the next blogger to have their ideas ripped-off by Gutterbreakz?