16 December 2004


Here's another six-tracker that I haven't mentioned at all yet, but it's been a hot iPod fave of mine for a while now. Roaming across the current spectrum of cutting-edge sounds, Milanese takes on dubstep, broken-beat, amen-electro crossbreeding and pure experimentation, bending them all to his own demented vision. Opening track "Billy Hologram" is a killer, featuring a fierce grimey riddim overlaid with guttural, almost satanic badbwoy soundbytes that I find both exhilarating and maybe a little bit scary. Even more frightening is closer "Head Bocs", opening with spine-tingling horror movie atmospherics before lurching into a spasmodic, practically traumatised beat mash-down that hits you over the head from all angles. God knows what's going on inside this guy's head, but I dig it. One to watch for '05.

MP3: Milanese - Head Bocs