05 December 2004

Psychbloke makes one of his rare attempts at music critique, with a personal reaction to seeing The Fall at the Bristol Bierkeller last Friday. Of course, being Psych(ology)bloke, he makes little comment about the actual music, preferring to linger on all the funny little details/eccentricities that come with the package, which is actually the stuff that I found most fascinating too. I was stood just behind him in the audience and concur with everything he says. Psych - you bloody nailed it, my son.

My main complaint was that the drumming wasn't up-to-scratch. On the more repetitive songs it worked fine, but on the tunes that I was familiar with, like "Mr. Pharmacist" and "Hip Priest" you could tell that it was a bit sloppy. However, after the show Kek-W informed me that they'd apparently only recruited the drummer about 40 minutes before the show, so on that basis it came off pretty damn good.

The young lady on keyboards was indeed extremely foxy. Interestingly, when that guy invaded the stage and started putting his arms around Mark E., it was she who leaped (or should that be 'tottered' due to outrageously high-heels) to his defense, pulling the drunken oaf away and giving him a good talking to before the security boys hauled him off-stage. Tuff babe! She looked young enough to be Mr. Smith's granddaughter, mind.

There isn't much else I can add, really. Top post, matey!

incidentally, it was of course an absolute pleasure to make the 'proper' acquaintance of my fellow 'Idiots', Loki, Kek, Psych and (very briefly) Farmer-Glitch. See you next time, guys....

POST SCRIPT: Just spotted Loki's own slightly bizarre account of the evening...
but what's that about me 'reeking of mini-moogs'? Kek was the one with the Moog T-shirt on!