24 March 2005


Sleeparchive - Research EPI don't really follow trends in Minimalist Tekno these days (it's so mid-nineties, maaaan), but the "Research EP" by the mysterious Sleeparchive has got my heart all a-flutter for austere 4/4 experimentation again. Apparently this is their third release and the others are already sold-out, so I guess there must be a few others out there who are appreciating this shit too. The title track sets the agenda perfectly - held down by the constant kik-drum pulse as a small palette of electronic handclaps, bass- synth notes on the half-beat, drills (?), skittering compu-rhythm snares and occasional flourishes of reverb and echo weave a spell that's hard to snap out of if you get in too deep.

But what exactly is being researched here? Surely the data has already been compiled in the intervening decade? I guess that it's a personal quest, a self-serving investigation into the heart of the machine. And like Daft Punk, it does what it does extremely well. Everything in it's right place and not a single sound wasted. Lean, efficient and totally absorbed in the moment. I actually find it quite relaxing to listen to, even though it couldn't ever be described as ambient/listening muzik. Sleeparchive make rigid, economical four-beats-to-the bar machine beats sound fresh once again; as natural as a babe sucking on the breast. Back to that Mama heartbeat...

The "Research EP" is still available at Boomkat. Grab it while you can!