28 April 2005


Headphone Sex getting on a serious Detroit Techno tip at the moment, too. Follow the link to that new Juan Atkins compilation on Tresor. Essential purchase for anyone wanting to explore Magic Juan's legacy.

In an effort to further the Atkins revival, here's another classic that didn't make it onto "20 Years Metroplex: 1985 - 2005", randomly chosen from the Gutter collection:

MP3: Model 500 - Sound Of Stereo

A couple of other specialist Detroit blogs: Techno Rebels and The Motown Elavator (based in Spain, of all places!).

Oh, yeah - and here's a link to Matt Woebot's seminal "29 Detroit Techno 12"s", originally published at the T.W.A.N.B.O.C. blog in 2003. A sobering document for those people (like me) who think they know their shit. Read and learn, muthafuckaz...

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