10 April 2005


When these guys first contacted me, my initial reaction was "wow! groups like this still exist?!". For Indianhead are a northern Industrial act. Yes, it's true - the spirit of Skinny Puppy, SPK and even Whitehouse is still burnin' strong in Leicestershire. They very kindly sent me a copy of their latest, lovingly self-financed CD album "The Strongest Weapon" and I must say I'm rather impressed. They have a great sense of textural depth that carries them through some pretty hazardous territory, with strong rhythms bolstering the pro-noise electronic attack and occasional moments of ambient serenity helping to create a well-balanced selection of sonic experiments. Indainhead are the sort of group I sometimes fantasize about being involved with...exhuming the rotting corpse of Industrial Culture and doing something genuinely interesting with it. My man Kek-W would probably dig this stuff too. My only complaint being that the (occasional) vocals can sometimes grate on the nerves a little. C'mon guys - you don't need that post-Front Line Assembly Amercianised growl to get your point across. One of the best things about Throbbing Gristle was Gen's very English, slightly weak/pathetic voice drowning in the mix, which seemed more honest than the chest-beating aggression of later/lesser acts. Just a thought. Anyway, check Indianhead's website and listen to a couple of tunes if you're feeling adventurous...you might be surprised!