01 April 2005


DJ Pinch @ ContextIt's April already, and so the countdown to Subloaded II begins. Friday the 15th sees some of London's finest underground artists descending on The Black Swan, Stapleton Road, Easton in Bristol, for an all-night dubstep session that will probably become the stuff of legend. Plasticman, Planet Mu's new signing Vex'd, the DMZ crew (Digital Mystikz and Loefah) and Cyrus from Random Trio will be battling it out on the decks, bringing us Bristolian yokels some of the most FWD sounds on the planet. Yum!

As with most Bristol events of a dubstep nature, this little shindig is brought to you by DJ Pinch and his associates. That's him on the left, snapped by me at Context last month. Don't let that easy grin and casual attire fool you: Pinch is the Prince of Darkness. He ought to be wearing a fucking cape! Both he and fellow locals Blazey, ThinKing and October will also be spinning some tunes on the night, with Pinch and Blazey going back-to-back from 4AM. As you might remember from the interview, Blazey is more of a Grime specialist - the squarewavey-PS2-beats Yin to Pinch's deep 'n' twisted Yang, and to give you some idea of what they have in store, they've each given me a 20 minute mix to showcase their talents, to share with the good readers at Gutterbreakz.

Download Pinch's Dubstep Mix


1. N-Type 'Insomniac'(forthcoming on Southside Dubstars)
2. Pinch & P Dutty 'Alien Tongue'(forthcoming on Tectonic)
3. Horsepower 'Sholay'(Tempa)
4. Skream 'Traitor'(forthcoming on Ital)
5. Kode 9 'Ping'(Rephlex)
6. Pinch 'Quwwalistep'(dub)
7. Random Trio 'Troy'(dub)

You'll notice that Mr. Pinch has sneaked a couple of his own tunes in here, and jolly good they are too! I especially like the obsessive bassline-juggling on "Quwwalistep". I've noticed a couple of his tunes appearing in some other setlists recently, too. Talented bugger, eh?

Download Blazey's Grime Mix

1. Davinche - Eyes on You (D Paz Remix) (Dub)
2. F-Tizzle - Gype (Remix) (Dub)
3. Eastwood & Oddz - Retro (Dub)
4. DJ Q - Serial Killer (Dub)
5. Eastwood - Damage (Dub)
6. Dread D - Time Command (Dub)
7. Eastwood - 5 Patter Dragon Claw (Dub)
8. Oddz - Champion 2 (Dub)
9. Jon E Cash - Hoods Up (Dub)
10. J Sweet - Kerb (Sweetbeatz)
11. Dr Venom - Stick Up (Dub)

It's a tasty instrumental mix with occasional bits of dialogue from films like "Robo Cop" and "Pulp Fiction" thrown in for good measure. Set squarewaves on stun!

Incidently, in case you haven't noticed yet, the banner at the top of the page links to the Subloaded II audio advertisement, featuring Blazey on the mic. Check it.

The intinerary for the evening as follows:

ThinKing B2B with October


Digital Mystiks & Loefah



Pinch B2B with Blazey

Door tax:
£4 before 11pm, £6 thereafter, which is fucking good value for money as far as I can see.

My only worry is that I won't be able to handle the pace and have to go home to bed before Pinch gets on the decks. I bet none of this lot will have the prospect of two children waking them up at 7.30 next morning!