20 May 2005


Well, last night was an interesting experience. It's not every day you get to hang around backstage with Venetian Snares and his entourage, drinking free booze and talking bollocks. Although a bit tired and fed-up and really wishing he could go home, Aaron Funk was actually quite a nice chap. What did we talk about? Er...a small debate on Analord (Funk likes it), reminiscing about industrial-rockers Ministry, future Snares projects and so forth. The gig went well - I enjoyed Frog Pocket's set, which was kind of electronica for shoe-gazers with live guitar/violin and a shitload of FX pedals, and also official support DJ C64, who's dexterity was outstanding. Luckily Mr Funk had livened up a bit by the time he took the stage and gave an energetic set focusing on Amen-rinse extremity with a bit of Gabba thrown-in for good measure. For the benefit of the hardcore Snares fans, here's a brief WMA clip that I filmed:

V.Snares Live WMA clip

But what of DJ Gutterbreakz? Well, basically I got lost wandering around Cardiff, turned up late and missed my slot, but luckily the management managed to squeeze me in after Frog Pocket and I got to do a quick set which, as far as I could tell, went down alright with the crowd. A bit of an anti-climax, really. But I enjoyed my 15 minutes in the spotlight. Maybe I'll get a chance to do it again sometime...