17 May 2005


If Bristol is indeed becoming a satellite of Croydon, then the first release on Tectonic Records from DJ Pinch & P Dutty must surely be the first Bristolian Dubstep anthem. Regular readers will be familiar with the name Pinch, and P Dutty is better known as local breaks producer 30Hz. Pinch has been steadily building bridges with the Croydon posse for over a year now and even got the honour of manning the decks at the latest DMZ event in Brixton. Now he's ready to cut-loose with his own brand of dubstep innovation and the results are heavy. "War Dub" is a slice of pure evil genius- featuring a terrifying bassline that gets progressively more messed-up with the envelope settings until it starts to lurch spasmodically across the riddim like an escaped mental patient - imagine Vex'd having a slow, bowel-evacuating nervous breakdown. "Alien Tongue" ups the dynamics a little, with some classic 'ongy-bongy' ethnic percussion loops, but is once again dominated by a bassline that just drips with menace. I'm massively impressed with this release and I suspect this is just the beginning for a major new production talent. Makes me proud to be Bristolian, and it's been a long while since I thought that! Available at Blackmarket and Boomkat.