15 August 2005


Top night!

Subloaded on a scaled down vibe, a little summer mini-blazedown! I had a tuff time on the decks what with them being so low down I had to kneel down to save my back!....so apologies for a sketchy set.....

Surprise guest Loefah came with the required bag of dutty dubplates, and got on with the job in hand....rocking Bristol with some serious DMZ and Loefah plates.......BIG set from him and Pinch B2B....bass weight business!

Pinch takes it for tune of the night tho I think, with a new Distance dubplate.....really half step biz....sounding like a deeper more spiritual Mark One or something.......Pinch's own tunes sounding fantastic too......then again Loefah came with his version of 'i' by Skream which is a personal fave....bad....

Then it was Bristol Grime stalwart and birthday boy Blazey B2B with a Joker......the atmos was electric, a packed room now rocking to the spanking fresh new grimey sounds.....highlights included 'Cha' remix, Jammer's 'Murkle Man', Doctor and Riko's 'Come On' and Alias 'Warriors' remix........that's not to mention 16 year old Joker's own stuff too....a real upcoming talent every other tune they dropped was a dub of his it seemed....wicked stuff.........some serious Plasticman/Davinche style grimeyness.....then a top moment as Blazey was presented with his 'Neckle' birthday cake, made by the hand of my girlfriend (serious shouts to her for doin' it all, icing included! Brap!)....a chorus of Happy Birthday and lots of smiles and jokes! Top stuff!

Last of all was Peverist for his last hour '95-'96 jungle tear out .....had the place absolutely jumping by this point......dropped some serious knowledge....old obscure Dillinja stuff, HMP 'runnins' , Potential Bad Boy - those 10" Ibiza ones, and a remix by Shut Up & Dance which I have never heard b4! and being a SUAD obsessive that doesn't happen often! BIG tune!........everyone was shocking out till lights went up, and some more singalong Happy Birthday business! classic!

The whole night was a testament that grime and dubstep nights needn't be moody affairs with no girls and no dancing....the place was packed and a really happy positive vibe, people clamouring for the grime, and plenty of booty shaking from both gyal and man dem!

All in all a really fun night out, Big Ups to Pinch and Blazey, Loefah, Infinite, Gutterbreakz, Joker, Blazey's girlfriend, Henry Dubstudio, Wedge, Le Ruffiant, Mau-Mau, and the chap whose brand new Mackie PA got a thorough battering!

(Originally posted at the Dubplate Forum)

Also mentioned by Martin 'Blackdown' Clark in his latest Pitchfork column.