04 October 2005


Voxxx A1Bare props to the man like Geroyche for sending me a finished copy of his EP "Voxxx Series A.1", released on the Ventilator Tonträger label. I know several GutterFM listeners were as enchanted as I was by the opening track "Death" as featured in MP3 form on last month's broadcast. It's a beautifully evocative piece, awash with eerie, serrated melodic drones yet driven by brutal step-breaks - almost like a fusion of Fennesz, Boards Of Canada and Vex'd. There's a video of it too and you watch it here. The other two tracks on side 1, "Tubby" and "Great Expectations" are further fascinating experiments in distressed/ambient textures combined with mutant 2-step/breakcore riddims. Side 2 opens with the bizarre "It's All So Simple Now", featuring a forlorn moog melody over convoluted-yet-steppy rhythmic abstraction - like a swansong for the breakcore era?! Although I'm not familiar with his earlier work, I get the impression that this is a transitional phase for him, resulting in music that's quite strange and unclassifiable. The important thing is, I think I understand it. I can feel what he's trying to achieve at an emotional level, although I can't really put it into words, yet.

Top marks on the presentation too. This is the most impressive 12 inch design I've seen since Skull Disco 001, although I reckon the custom die-cut sleeve might just clinch it for best design of the year. The label has a distribution deal with Cargo Records but it's still not known how widely available this is gonna be outside of Germany. Keep yer eyes peeled!

Speaking of Germans, I should mention that I'm hoping to reach Toxic Dancehall at the Black Swan this Saturday, specifically to link-up with DJ Maxximus who's playing in room 2. He's been keeping me informed of his activities, but so far I've not heard very much of the music! Looking forward to checking out some more Teutonic Grime (Krautstep?!!) vibes. It'll also be interesting to see what The Bug has in store for us. I've heard reports that he's been absorbing the dubstep influences recently.