28 November 2005


The link to ElSid's mix appears to be dead, so this one's for 'anonymous' and anyone else who missed it:


There's also a new mix by his partner in crime Paul Rose (in his guise as Skuba) doing the rounds this week. Interesting to see the contrasting vision, with Paul's gloriously self-serving, monomaniacal selection focusing on stiff half-step patterns, plunging cyberdub vibrations, economically applied splashes of spikey melody and amorphous reverberating textures. Quite similar to a DMZ set in some ways, but Paul's definately finding his own sound. I find his purist/minimalist approach just as stimulating as El Sid's eclectic/maximalist vibe. I don't know these guys at all, but on the strength of these new mixes one could assume that they have quite different ideas about where the underground is heading. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but there's nothing wrong necessarily with a partnership in conflict as long as it stays healthy and open-minded. I would've been interested to see how they worked together when back-to-back at Noir last Friday, but it clashed with Plasticman's Level gig, so I had to pass on it. Maybe next time...

SKUBA MIX 22/11/05

BTTB-X-Series: Scuba
22.11.2005: 22.01 Uhr, FSK
Scuba - "Dub #1" (No Info 2005)
Scuba - "Kill Me" (No Info 2005)
Scuba - "Words" (No Info 2005)
Scuba - "Thump" (No Info 2005)
Scuba - "Plate" (No Info 2005)
Scuba - "Sleepa" (No Info 2005)
Distance - "Nomad (Scuba Re-Edit)" (No Info 2005)
Scuba - "Harpoon" (No Info 2005)
Scuba - "Aqualung" (No Info 2005)
Scuba - "Brown" (No Info 2005)
Scuba - "Timba" (Hotflush 2005)
Scuba - "Dream" (No Info 2005)
Scuba - "Thank U" (No Info 2005)

(Thanks to THC for discovering and hosting!)

Regardless of my ill-founded observations, the immediate future looks very bright for Hotflush, with the second Skuba EP due to drop before the end of this year, followed closely by the eagerly awaited 'Remix Series' early in '06. Keep an eye on their blog and website for updates.

By the way, I've got several 'vintage' Hotflush mixes in my archives - Paul's "Dub 'n' Breaks" mix from Feb. '04, plus another more recent one (no date specified, but I think it was from early this year), El Sid's "Collectibles" from Feb. 05 and a Pyrotechnics session from 27th May '05. As far as I'm aware none of these are currently available as an MP3 download, so if anyone missed them first time and is interested in checking a bit of Hotflush evolution, give me a shout and I'll reload them as well (assuming there's no objections?!).