13 November 2005


Okay, firstly a big thanks to everyone who left comments and e-mails over the last couple of days. Sometimes my conviction gets a bit shaky, so it's good to get a lift from you guys. The old egos firmly back in place now, so looks like I'm gonna keep spouting bullshit at this blog for a while yet. Then there's the contents of my real inbox this morning:

Gutta's mail

A promo of DJ Maxximus' "Bass The World" mix CD straight outta Germany, plus a cd-r of fresh joints all the way from New Zealand, courtesy of Hell Science Dept. The international community reaches out to the Gutta once again - it fucking exciting and deeply humbling at the same time. I'd be crazy to throw in the towel now. The story ain't finished yet.

A couple of points raised that need answering...

Robert thinks I should try blogging less often, which might be true. I'll tell you why I post so regularly: Guilt. I just can't seem to summon the strength to write those longer, more involved posts I was doing earlier in the year, and my insecure little brain thinks that by firing out lots of less substantial posts I can make up for it. That's fucked-up, isn't it?

The thing about comments. I do get a bit frustrated sometimes when I don't get much reaction to (what I consider to be) open-ended posts that invite opinion. But I know I get my fair share of comments, and I know I'm as guilty of not leaving them at other blogs. How do you think my man Patternloader must feel? Dunno how many hits he's getting, but here's a guy out in Milwaukee regularly writing thoughtful, deeply personal posts on his life and music and getting practically no feedback whatsoever! Dirt, innit.

Which brings me to Cyclic Defrost's suggestion that many people "just read the RSS feeds of various blogs". Probably some truth in that, but these site feeds are useful for keeping track of blog updates. I'm currently using Kinja to track blogs. It seems to be working okay and I like the way it only gives you the first couple of lines of a blog entry - you have to physically (in the most abstract sense, of course) visit the actual blog to read the whole post. Call me a sentimental prick, but I like to actually enter a blogger's personal space when reading their work. It just seems more personal than an endless stream of entries on a site feed. It's really easy to set up your own Kinja digest, and if you're still navigating the blogosphere manually, I reckon you should give it a go. Or just check my Kinja digest regularly (the button is always at the bottom of my links bar). Quite a few blogs on there that aren't on my blogroll here (I've been a bit lazy with updates I'm afraid). Also, any bloggers out there who aren't on my Kinja list who think they should be, get in touch! Let's keep the blogger momentum alive. And yes, Paul - you gotta get back on the blog trail too!

Btw, thanks to Headphone Sex for the link to this article on 'blogger-speak'. Haha! To be honest, most blogs I read seem to write in a pretty straight forward fashion, but I quite like the idea of a whole new language ('Bloglish'?!) developing from the frenzied minds of the bloggers. One of the problems I have with writing reviews, especially with instrumental music, is that it's hard not to keep repeating yourself with the same descriptive terms. Maybe I should just start making up some crazy batshit and let you lot try to figure out what I mean? I'm gonna start writing about "mong-tastic lightcone somascapes", "polarity-reversing neutron flows", "steel gate ionosphere trax","turd-inducing lofreq plexi-shimmers" and "fully fermented fruits of tha Fruity" from now on!