09 November 2005


Shoot the fucka

Gutterbreakz FM - November 2005

Hell Science Dept - Cold Tap (dub)
Appleblim - Girder (forthcoming on Skulldisco)
S.N.O. - God Loves a Tryer (Terrain)
Skream - Skunk Step (Big Apple)
Skream - Affekz Rmx (Southside)
SLT Mob - Pull Up (Urban Graffiti)
Search & Destroy - Killamanjaro (Destructive)
Warlock - TV Controls Your Mind (Rag & Bone)
F1 - I Hate You (Southside)
Agent X - Killohertz - Alias Rmx (Heatseeker Recordings)
Imp Batch - Fusion - EJ Rmx (A.R.M.Y. Bullet)
Black Ops (DJ Dread-D) - Are 1 (L.D. Cats)

My first mix with the new decks, though I'm afraid they haven't magically turned me into a great dj. If anything it's even more inept and pitiful than usual, which I ascribe to the fact that I'm 'breaking them in' and they respond to touch in a different (probably more accurate) way to the old belt-drives. Never mind, give me six months with these babies and hopefully I'll be able to call myself a 'competent' dj at last. But for now it's all work in progress - guaranteed raw, live and messy. Gutter skillz alert! Still, 'God Loves A Tryer', innit?

Wicked selection of tunes though, if I say so myself. We kick off with a lush exclusive from the Hell Science Department that seems to be coming from the same zone as much of the material on the Vex'd album - harsh beats with spacious, atmospheric arrangements sending shivers down my spine everytime. Hopefully be hearing some more from these guys soon. Hot talent!! Also finally got my hands on the first release from N-Type's Terrain Records, and about bloody time too! He was spinning these tunes on Rinse and saying the EP was 'coming out soon' back in the summer. S.N.O. is apparently some kid from Manchester. The North will rise again!

Two tunes from Skream this month. I dunno, you wait for new material for ages and then two EPs hit the streets at the same time. The Southside EP is only a limited (and pricey!) test pressing at the moment though. Not sure when (and if) the full release will appear, but keep yer eyes peeled. And don't forget that "Request Line/I" has finally arrived, although I haven't actually picked that one up yet. To be honest I've heard those tunes so many times in mixes over the past few months I'm almost bored with them! But of course I'll be purchasing a copy regardless very soon. My man Kek's enjoying it anyway.

Some new personal discoveries including Warlock, who's material on Rag & Bone packs a serious punch. Check his biog at their website. Seems like he's been around as long as I have, which might explain the hard techno edge in some his productions. Nice to hear some brutal kick drums and busy 909 hi-hat patterns again on "TV Controls Your Mind". Then there's F1, who's had a couple of releases on Southside Recordings which I'm very impressed by. Don't have any info on this artist yet though. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Possibly one of my favourite tunes of the year is "Fusion" by Imp Batch (their "Gimp" is pretty sexy too), specialising in dramatic yet extremely catchy orchestral hooks that make me wanna go nuts and pogo around the room like an imbecile everytime I hear it. Why isn't this in the Top 10 National Charts?! Moving to the other extreme, I've been picking up quite a few Jon E Cash/Black Ops releases recently, including the mighty "Cash Beat", but had to go for DJ Dread-D's totally bonkers "Are 1" which simply defies classification. I reckon he must've been off his tits when he programmed that beat, which sounds like a Sublow/Jazz/Rock/Improv band falling down a flight of stairs. Enjoy...


Looks like I'm not the only blogger who fancies himself as a dj. I notice this week that both Dozer and Headphone Sex are having a stab at recording their own extended MP3 showcases, both coming from very different angles. Dozer's latest Dozercast explores the outer limits of electronica in an unmixed form, interspersed oddities from the past cut with random found dialogue, whilst James' first attempt at a mix came out remarkably well. Ignore his comments about a 'few dodgy bits' - his mixing makes me look like a right fool! Mind you, if I stuck to 4/4 disco beats like that I'd probably have a bit more success.

Good on ya, lads!