19 December 2005


Following my recent Belgian post, I got mail from Ed DMX, casually informing me that he put out an EBM-influenced EP on Sonicgroove Records earlier this year. Apparently he'd been going 'round claiming that EBM and Industrial was the next big thing! Can't see it happening somehow, but I'm really feeling the "Body Destruction" EP regardless. Having mined so much goodness from the '80s over the years, it was inevitable that Ed would eventually zone-in on the Euro Body Music vibe and, on the opening title track, he seemingly imagines a world where the shady DX-7 sounds of Front 242 are still a dominant factor in the dancefloor equation. Retro(a)gressive? Yes, but it's so far off the cultural radar, it's literally screaming with originality. Wicked nostalgia grooves on a record that, if it didn't exist, I would've eventually felt compelled to invent. Oh, and check "Regolith" on the flip too...kinda EBM meets Aphex Twin circa "Mindstream Remix" (it's all about that lush snare sound!). Then there's the slow-mo meltdown of "The End Of The World" - pure apocalyptic synth-dirge of the highest order. The EP's still available over at Juno, if anyone else is interested.

Check this - inspired by my post, Ed started working on a New Beat tune to rival V/VM's efforts. This is what we need - a (new) New Beat production race. Who else will join in the fun?