19 March 2006


So I finally got myself a little CD turntable. It's a Numark Axis 2, which is pretty much bottom of the range, but what the hell, it's a start. I wasn't interested in any of those fancy features like onboard fx or advanced editing functions anyway. The important thing is its got pitch control and a surprisingly effective jog wheel which, although unable to replicate true 'scratch mode', is still surprisingly good at teasing a beat into line. Within ten minutes of opening the box I was getting some pretty impressive results, so I'm quite optimistic that it'll serve me well for the time being. I like it's really basic layout with the chunky buttons too. Very hands-on! Hopefully I'll be competent enough to use it on the next GutterFM show, which is already in the planning stages. Now that all these cd-r dubs are 'malleable', it'll allow more creative possibilities, which I'm really keen to explore. Okay, enough chat - more mixing!!