13 July 2007


Absolutely cracking dub-techno mix from Jim Petherwick over at Tape blog. As the blog post explains, Jim is the resident techno don at the Under_Score night, possibly the only club here in Bristol dedicated to showcasing the best in minimal/dub house and techno. In the past year alone they've headlined such notable producers as Sleeparchive, Andy Stott and Claro Intellecto. I've been taking notice, but somehow never seem to be free on the night. Since my 'born again' conversion back to the cause, the only time I've heard techno in a club has been when I've played it at dubstep events (although I've also witnessed people like Appleblim and Headhunter dropping a few choice cuts in their sets) so I'm absolutely determined to reach this month's event at Cosies on the 21st (even though I know nothing about headliner Tom Ellis) to check the vibes, the beats and hopefully heap some praise on Jim and his cohorts for their unstinting dedication to the cause.


  1. Alright there Gutter,
    Rich here from over at TAPE. That mix surely is a cracker - if you're free this Friday then you should head along to Mutant Pop for mine and Puffin Jack's (you must know him - that ginger geez who worked at Imperial and Replay) opening two hours as we're planning on cracking out all sorts of low end dubby techno gear. I'll stick you on the guestlist if you're up for it. If not, I'll see you down at Cosies for under_score - there's something I'd quite like to bend your ear about.

  2. sounds great but unfortunately i have other (non musical) commitments on friday. but hopefully you can bend my ear on the weekend. sounds a bit ominous...