03 September 2007


For anyone suitably switched-on by my Blogariddim podcast, there's a tasty interview with Rod Modell and Steve Hitchell just published over at Textura. It's a fascinating document of their respective backgrounds, ideologies and working methods that I think backs-up much of my own observations, particularly the way that Hitchell brings a structural element to the agenda. I didn't really mention much about the use of analogue synths and signal-processors, but here they make their commitment to the older technology implicit. As anyone who remembers my final 'Guttertech' post from last year will know, I basically ran into a brick wall with software studios, so I can totally empathise with their need to keep the electronics 'organic'. Essential reading!

Incidentally, I discovered the interview via Infinitestatmachine, a new blog collective, barely a month old but already spitting out plenty of informed/opinionated posts on house, techno, vinyl vs. digital and all the other stuff I like to read about. Bookmark now!

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