22 October 2007


Opening with the sound of channel surfing through the Capitol's airwaves, the latest Blogariddim podcast picks through the bones of Grime's first wave of instrumental adventures, care of Alex Bok-Bok. Similar in concept to Paul Autonomic's "Rude Interlude" from last year, "69 Allstars" exhumes and reanimates the energy of pirate radio circa 2003-04, and the resulting rush of sound presents a compelling argument for the reassessment of this fascinating period of 'nuum activity. I've a got a stack of old 12" records from this period, plus a bunch of those lo-rez MP3s that circulated at the time, many of which are included here, and I sometimes think I need to express some love for those forgotten gems, as this was the period when Grime really meant something to me as an exploratory instrumental genre in it's own right, before the focus on artists. But Alex does a fine job of that himself. Time to refresh yours ears...


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  2. whoops - sorry, paul...we've had this problem before haven't we...?

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM


    this mix is disturbing. bok bok is a maniac.

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

    thanks gutta, much appreciated !

    and as for the similarity to Paul's mix - I love Rude Interlude to bits its one of my fave Blogariddims episodes, so becuase he had done his so well I was quite keen not to just do another one. I hope what we've done is sufficiently different becuase of its intensity and head-down rate of 2-6 tracks a minute, as opposed to Paul's amazing rich collage of radio snippets and straight up instrumentals, which I think had a different feel about it, more like a radio show in itself, whereas I'd like to think of our one as one massively long allstar riddim. I hope so anyway

  5. yes, perhaps 'similar in concept' was a poor turn of phrase. you both draw inspiration from a certain sound from a certain period, though the execution of the idea is very different. i love them both!